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REHADAT: The German information system on assistive devices


Winkelmann, Petra


Gelderblom, Gert Jan; Soede, Mathijs; Adriaens, Leon [u. a.]


Assistive Technology Research Series, 2011, Volume 29, Seite 163-169, Amsterdam: IOS Press, ISSN: 1383-813X (Print); 1879-8071 (Online)





The provision and financing of assistive devices (AD) in Germany is regulated by social legislation. Depending on the rehabilitation goal and the personal situation of the person needing an AD, different agencies are responsible. The term assistive device is not clearly defined and a variety of regulations apply for reimbursement. Statutory health insurance and long term care insurance finance a major part of aids for medical rehabilitation and care. Other agencies are the social welfare office, statutory accident insurance, pension insurance, employment office and integration office. Experts and persons concerned often have problems clarifying whether entitlement of an AD exists and which agency is responsible. Another problem is choosing the appropriate product. The large German assistive device market offers a wide range of products, it is however non-transparent and fragmented.

Main content:

Overview of the assistive devices (AD) provision system in Germany and the role of the REHADAT information platform. REHADAT has developed into the central digital information platform for assistive devices in Germany. Detailed, comparable and up-to-date product descriptions are published in a database which covers products on the German market. The product descriptions are supplemented with additional information. Assistive products at the workplace are linked to practical examples. A variety of search possibilities are available for the user, enabling a rapid overview and a direct search. REHADAT is well known by end users, experts and the AD industry.


Independent and comparable information is urgently required in order to enable an optimal provision of AD.

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Sammelband 'Everyday Technology for Independence and Care - AAATE 2011'




Ebook Series: Assistive Technology Research Series

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