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Correlations of sensory processing and visual organization ability with participation in school-aged children with Down syndrome


Wuang, Yee-Pay; Su, Chwen-Yng


k. A.


Research in Developmental Disabilities, 2011, Volume 32 (Number 6), Seite 2398-2407, New York: Pergamon Press, ISSN: 1873-3379




Previous work has highlighted delays and differences in cognitive, language, and sensorimotor functions in children diagnosed with Down syndrome (DS). However, sensory processing and visual organization abilities have not been well-examined in DS to date.

This study aimed to investigate the developmental profile of sensory processing and visual organization abilities, body functions classified by the World Health Organization's ICF model, and their impacts on participation in DS to guide research and evidence-based practices. Two hundred and six children (101 boys, 105 girls) with DS (age range = 6 years 1 month to 12 years 10 months; mean age = 8 years 1 month) were assessed on measures of sensory processing (Sensory Profile), visual organization ability (Hooper Visual Organization Test), and activity participation (Vineland Adaptive Behavior Scale, School Function Assessment).

Our findings characterized the developmental continuum of body functions (sensory processing and visual organization) of children with DS, and revealed their correlations with activity participation. Interventions focused on improving body functions is needed while stressing the acquisition of functional skills that increase participation in age-appropriate activities.

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Research in Developmental Disabilities

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