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Grill, Eva; Grimby, Gunnar; Stucki, Gerold


European Board of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine


Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine (JRM), 2011, Volume 43 (Issue 2), Seite 85-86, Uppsala: Eigenverlag, ISSN: 1650-1977 (Print); 1651-2081 (Online)




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This issue of the Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine sets out to examine the comprehensive acute and post-acute ICF Core Sets along those lines. The first article proposes the methods used for an empirical validation of ICF Core Sets and the selection of candidate categories for briefer ICF Core Sets out of the comprehensive sets (11).

The 3 following articles deal with empirical testing of the comprehensive ICF Core Sets for patients in the acute hospital and in early post-acute rehabilitation facilities, namely by examining the respective ICF categories according to their prevalence and sensitivity for change (12-14).

The validation is supplemented by 3 articles about patient goals, indicating the usefulness of the comprehensive ICF Core Sets to recognize patients' needs and rehabilitation
goals in the acute and early post-acute situation (15-17).

The next 3 articles employ the proposed methods for identifying candidate categories for ICF Core Sets out of the comprehensive acute and post-acute ICF Core Sets for the reporting and measurement of functioning in patients in the acute hospital and early post-acute rehabilitation facilities (18-20).

Statistical selection yielded between 22 and 29 categories of the functioning component of the ICF qualifying as candidates.

Last, but not least, there are two articles from our colleagues from the University Hospital of Zurich, Switzerland, who describe the practical application of ICF Core Sets in the acute hospital (21) and the reliability of categories when operationalized by physiotherapists (22).

This is the first time that the implementation of ICF Core Sets by health professionals is described in detail.

Appendix I (p. 180-182) gives an overview of all ICF Core Sets for the acute and early-post-acute situation, their validation and testing.

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