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Living kidney donation: Recovery and return to activities of daily living


Peters, T. G.; Repper, S. M.; Jones, K. W. [u. a.]


k. A.


Clinical Transplantation, 2000, Volume 14 (Number 4, Part 2), Seite 433-438, Kopenhagen: Munksgaard, ISSN: 0902-0063 (Print); 1399-0012 (Online)




To determine donor nephrectomy outcomes, a one page 20-item survey of 42 cases was reviewed, including demographics, intervals to normal activities (e.g., driving a car, returning to work), and an open inquiry about the donation process.

Hospital records were also reviewed. Nephrectomy under general anesthesia was through an anterior flank, extra-retroperitoneal approach with postoperative epidural pain control. Early self-care, progressive ambulation, and prescriptive pulmonary care were undertaken to facilitate recovery.

Length of stay averaged 3.4 (range 2-8) d, and mean hospitalization charge was 15 169 (range 10 733-S29 579). Thirty-four donors were employed outside the home; 18 (53%) returned to work within 4 wk, and the average duration away from work was 4.6 wk (range 6 d 10 wk). Within 2 wk, 25 (59%) were driving an automobile. Usual activities of daily living were fully performed by all donors at a mean of 4.8 wk (minimum 5 d). Forty respondents would donate again, and one might; one did not respond to this question. None reported intermediate or long-term disabilities and all reported return to their pre-donation level of activity.

With the anterior extra-retroperitoneal nephrectomy, most donors were out of the hospital within 4 d, were driving within 2 wk, and returned to gainful employment within 4 wk. Living kidney donation, as viewed by the donors, was a positive experience, which appeared to disrupt their lives minimally.

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Clinical Transplantation

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