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Self-Employment as a Vocational Rehabilitation Employment Outcome in Rural and Urban Areas


Arnold, Nancy L.; Seekins, Tom


American Rehabilitation Counseling Association (ARCA)


Rehabilitation Counseling Bulletin, 1995, Volume 38 (Number 2), Seite 94-106, Alexandria, Virginia: Eigenverlag, ISSN: 0034-3552




Study 1: The use of self-employment in rural and urban states:
Self-employment is a legitimate vocational rehabilitation employment outcome. Given that in the general population self-employment is more prevalent in rural than in urban areas, it was hypothesized that vocational rehabilitation employment outcomes to self-employment would occur at a higher rate in rural states than in urban ones.

Study 2: Rural and Urban Counselor Attitudes About, and Use of, Self-Employment As an Employment Outcome:
Our first study of the use of self-employment as a vocational rehabilitation employment outcome suggested that, while self-employment is used by VR at a lower rate than that found in the general population, it was more likely to be used in a rural than an urban state. As most states have both rural and urban areas, however, this level of analysis may obscure important differences or present a pattern where none exists. Using data available from RSA, it was not possible to explore self-employment in more detail. Therefore, in order to examine the use of self-employment more accurately, we conducted a survey of rural and urban state Vocational Rehabilitation counselors across the nation.

Study 3: Employment Categories of Self-Employment Closures:
One concern about the use of self-employment voiced by VR counselors is that consumers often have an unrealistic view of businesses that may succeed. Counselors in our initial qualitative study suggested that many consumers interested in pursuing self-employment have unrealistic hopes of turning a hobby into a profitable business. This study was conducted to examine the range of self-employment businesses pursued by VR consumers.

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Rehabilitation Counseling Bulletin

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