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Disability management: Corporate medical department management of employee health and productivity


Burton, Wayne N.; Conti, Daniel J.


American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine


Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (JOEM), 2000, Volume 42 (Number 10), Seite 1006-1012, Baltimore, Maryland: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, ISSN: 1076-2752




This study describes a proactive in-house program for managing short-term disability (STD) in the workforce of a very large banking system.

The goals of this program were to
(1) minimize the personal and economic impacts of STD by early intervention,
(2) validate the extent and duration of STD, and
(3) coordinate medical services and provide guidance to managers that would facilitate an early return to work.

This program was made possible by the installation of a comprehensive database, called Occupational Medicine and Nursing Information System. This database mainly includes employees' claims for inpatient and outpatient health services, disability and workers' compensation benefits, wellness program participation, medical examinations and laboratory tests, use of prescription drugs, and results of Health Risk Appraisals.

As a result of these efforts, STD event duration declined after this STD management program was implemented in locations heretofore outside the system, and by providing full pay for part-time work after STD, within the system as well. Of note, the average number of STD days per employee showed substantial variation by health plan, including the fact that it was higher (3.9 STD days/ employee) for health maintenance organization participants than for indemnity plan members (2.7 STD days/ employee).

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Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (JOEM)

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