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Assessment of Motor Speech Disorders


Lowit, Anja; Kent, Raymond; Hartelius, Lena [u. a.]


Lowit, Anja; Kent, Raymond


Abingdon, Oxfordshire: Plural Publishing, 2010, 371 Seiten, ISBN: 978-1-59756-367-3




Assessment of Motor Speech Disorders brings together a wide range of researchers to present a current summary of assessment and evaluation techniques for disordered speech, with both a clinical and a research focus.

This unique resource reviews research evidence pertaining to best practice in the clinical assessment of established areas such as intelligibility and physiological functioning, as well as introducing recently developed topics such as conversational analysis, participation measures, and telehealth.

In addition, new and established research methods from areas such as phonetics, kinematics, imaging, and neural modeling are reviewed in relation to their applicability and value for the study of disordered speech.

Based on the broad coverage of topics and methods, the textbook represents a valuable resource for a wide ranging audience, including clinicians, researchers, as well as students with an interest in speech pathology and clinical phonetics.

Table of Content:
Clinical Assessment
- The ICF Framework and its Relevance to the Assessment of People with Motor Speech Disorders
- Assessment of Intelligibility
- Physiological Assessment
- Assessment of Prosody
- The Impact of Dysarthria on the Individual
- Measurement of Communication Participation
- Dysarthria: The Cognitive Dimension
- Conversation Analysis and Acquired Dysarthria in Everyday Interaction
- Assessment of MSD within the Context of Telehealth

Research Techniques
- Kinematic Assessment
- Assessment of Rhythm
- Assessment of Intonation
- Variability Indices and their Applicability to MSD
- Imaging Techniques
- Assessment of Apraxia of Speech
- Defective Neural Motor Speech Mappings as a Source fo Apraxia of Speech

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