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Code of Practice for Disability Management: Describing Effective Benchmarks for the Creation of Workplace-Based Disability Management Programs


k. A.


The National Institute of Disability Management and Research (NIDMAR)


Ottawa, Ontario, Kanada: Eigenverlag, 2000, ISBN: 0-9685583-7-2




Designed to provide a structure within which employers, unions, legislators, insurers and providers can work together to support return to work for workers with disabilities, the Code of Practice provides a framework of guidelines, criteria and benchmarks for the development of effective workplace disability management programs. Developed within the Canadian context, a major focus of the Code of Practice is to identify the management practices and policies which facilitate a program of return to work and job retention, which benefits everyone involved, protects the health of workers, and promotes the prevention and elimination of injury and illness at work. The Code identifies the major participants in the process and the roles and responsibilities of each. It provides for the organization and implementation of workplace programs, and makes recommendations for evaluation, dispute resolution, and education.

A practical tool for supporting and promoting disability management programs and policies, it aids in the development of statutory language, collective agreement language, and assists employers and unions in formulating disability management policy.

The Code can be used in different situations, in whole or in part, based on common values and goals. It has been consciously designed to apply regardless of the nature or cause of the disablement, the nature of the work, or the size or structure of the employer, and can be applied to the public and private sectors in a variety of settings. Both injured workers and workers with disabilities are included.

The Code attempts to define an approach which balances all of the interests involved, protects the integrity of the person with a disability, and promotes outcomes on the basis of a consensus of evidence, best practices and experience.

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The National Institute of Disability Management and Research

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