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Disability Management in the Netherlands: Final report, November 24-25, 2003


Jolstad, Finn Ola


Europäische Kommission - Peer Review Programme of the EES; Institute for employment studies - IES; ÖSB Consulting GmbH


Wien: Eigenverlag, 2003, 43 Seiten: DIN-A4, Broschur




The Peer Review meeting which was held in Den Haag on 24-25 November 2003, examined the development and implementation of Disability Management (DM) in the Netherlands. The DM approach focuses on the role of the employer in adopting policies which both improve the retention and integration of disabled people in the workplace and take a preventive approach to workplace health and employee sickness absence. The Peer Review was hosted by the Dutch Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment. In addition to the host country, nine peer countries participated in the Peer Review: the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Latvia, Luxembourg, Norway, Portugal, Sweden and the United Kingdom.

The meeting received presentations from host country officials, the National Committee for the Working Perspective (an independent Commission, established by the Dutch Government to stimulate and support the DM approach), a Dutch independent expert, and representatives of the Peer Countries. Inputs were also received from a major employer involved in the DM approach (Siemens) and the meeting included a visit to the premises of a small firm in Den Haag with a long experience of DM (TapTaxi).

This report of the Peer Review Meeting: 'Disability Management in the Netherlands' draws upon the papers presented by independent experts from the host and peer countries in advance of the meeting, as well as the contributions from and discussions among the experts and peer country officials during the meeting itself. All the papers prepared for the Peer Review and further relevant information can be found on the Peer Review website, http://www.peerreview-employment. org.


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