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Zeitschriftenbeitrag / Forschungsergebnis
1. zur Detailansicht von State Rehabilitation Services Tailored to Employment Status Among Cancer Survivors
Chiu, Chung-Yi; Chan, Fong; Strauser, David [u. a.]
2014 - Quelle: Journal of Occupational Rehabilitation

Zeitschriftenbeitrag / Forschungsergebnis
2. zur Detailansicht von Disparities in Vocational Rehabilitation Services and Outcomes for Hispanic Clients With Traumatic Brain Injury: Do They Exist?
Cardoso, Elizabeth da Silva; Romero, Maria G.; Chan, Fong [u. a.]
2007 - Quelle: The Journal of Head Trauma Rehabilitation

Zeitschriftenbeitrag / Forschungsergebnis
3. zur Detailansicht von Predicting employment outcomes of rehabilitation clients with orthopedic disabilities: A CHAID analysis
Chan, Fong; Cheing, Gladys; Rosenthal, David [u. a.]
2006 - Quelle: Disability and Rehabilitation

Zeitschriftenbeitrag / Forschungsergebnis
4. zur Detailansicht von Service patterns related to successful employment outcomes of persons with traumatic brain injury in vocational rehabilitation
Catalano, D.; Pereira, A. P.; Chan, Fong [u. a.]
2006 - Quelle: NeuroRehabilitation

5. zur Detailansicht von Drivers of workplace discrimination against people with disabilities: The utility of Attribution Theory
Chan, Fong; McMahon, Brian T.; Cheing, Gladys [u. a.]
2005 - Quelle: Work

Zeitschriftenbeitrag / Forschungsergebnis
6. zur Detailansicht von Counselors' and consumers' derived criteria for assessing the effectiveness of rehabilitation services
Chan, Fong; Rubin, Stanford E.; Kubota, Coleen [u. a.]
2003 - Quelle: International Journal of Rehabilitation Research

Zeitschriftenbeitrag / Forschungsergebnis
7. zur Detailansicht von Functions and knowledge domains for disability management practice: A Delphi study
Currier, Kenneth F.; Chan, Fong; Habeck, Rochelle V. [u. a.]
2001 - Quelle: Rehabilitation Counseling Bulletin

8. zur Detailansicht von A model for enhancing rehabilitation counselor-consumer working relationships
Chan, Fong; Shaw, Linda R.; MacMahon, Brian T. [u. a.]
1997 - Quelle: Rehabilitation Counseling Bulletin

9. zur Detailansicht von Toward the Development of a Second Generation Computerized Job-Matching System for Persons with Disabilities: A Conceptual Framework
Wong, Daniel W.; Chan, Fong; Gay, Dennis A. [u. a.]
1992 - Quelle: The Journal of Rehabilitation
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