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ICF Core Sets

Manual for Clinical Practice


Bickenbach, Jerome; Selb, Melissa; Stucki, Gerold


Bickenbach, Jerome; Selb, Melissa; Stucki, Gerold


Toronto (Ontario): Hogrefe Publishing, 2021, 2. Auflage, VIII, 136 Seiten, ISBN: 978-0-88937-572-7




Practical, standardized tools to assess and document functioning, disability, and health according to the WHO ICF in a variety of health conditions and settings.

The WHO's International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF) is the accepted common framework for understanding and documenting functioning and disability.

The ICF Core Sets selected for this book have now been developed to facilitate the standardized use of the ICF in real-life clinical practice and thus improve quality of care. By using this collection of clear checklists, definitions, and forms, clinicians will quickly and easily be able to assess clients with a range of typical health conditions at different stages and in a variety of health care contexts.

This manual

- Introduces the concepts of functioning and disability,
- Describes how and why the ICF Core Sets have been developed,
- Shows, step-by-step, how to apply the ICF Core Sets in clinical practice,
- Includes all 31 ICF Core Sets plus documentation forms (more than 1,400 pages of printable PDFs) on a CD-ROM.

This manual is inherently multi-professional and will be of benefit not only for practitioners working in various health care contexts but also for students and teachers.

Table of Contents (preliminary)

1. Preface Gerold Stucki
2. What is Functioning and why is it important?
3. Introduction to the ICF
3.1 The integrative model of functioning, disability and health
3.2 The structure and codes of the ICF classification
3.3 ICF qualifiers
4. ICF Core Sets
4.1 ICF Core Set development process
4.2 Available ICF Core Sets
4.3 Types of ICF Core Sets
5. Use of ICF Core Sets in practice
5.1 The selection of ICF Core Sets ('What to describe')
5.2 The description of the level of functioning ('How to describe')
5.3 The documentation form
6. Use cases
6.1 Use of the ICF Core Set for musculoskeletal conditions in the acute context
6.2 Use of the ICF Core Set for spinal cord injury in the early post-acute context
6.3 Use of the ICF Core Set for multiple sclerosis in the long-term context
6.4 Use of the ICF Core Set for vocational rehabilitation
6.5 Use of the ICF Core Set for low back pain in the long-term context
7. References
8. Acknowledgements

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